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2020 京都 直傳靈氣課程(已額滿) — 原則說明 Dr.Lin


2018年的京都學習之行 為中文世界培育出了5位直傳靈氣的師範格教師

2020 Dr. Lin 將和有興趣的學員們 再度前往京都學習


2020 京都 直傳靈氣課程 — 原則說明 (帶隊:林洲禾醫師)
2020 Kyoto Jikiden Reiki Seminar Principles (This tour is led by Dr. Chou Ho Lin)

1.本2020課程 由直傳靈氣研究會官方主辦(含初傳、奧傳、神祕傳)。由山口忠夫老師(Tadao Yamaguchi)親自教授,並由廣田郁子老師(Ikuko Hirota)英文翻譯。廣田郁子老師為山口千代子女士的高徒,一直以來皆於研究會本部負責直傳靈氣的全球性事務。

The 2020 seminar, which includes Shoden, Okuden and Shipiden, is officially held by Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai. It will be taught by Tadao Yamaguchi Sensei and translated by teacher Ikuko Hirota, who is an accomplished disciple of Chiyoko Yamaguchi Sensei and has been in charge of overseas affairs in Kenkyukai.

2.凡由山口老師親自教授之課程,活動中其他人員,如翻譯、主辦或發起人,皆為協助者而非教學者,亦不得宣稱此為其個人課程。 本次課程中,Dr. Lin 為課程協助者,非教學者。在場或許將有英日文流利之學員可協助不熟悉英日文之學員,但僅為協助,非關教學。

In every official seminar taught by Tadao Sensei, the translator or the seminar organizer is not an instructor but a mere assistant. They are not allowed to declare or promote the official seminar as their own. In other words, in this seminar, Dr. Lin will act as an assistant, not as an instructor. Some seminar participants fluent in English or Japanese may help others who are not familiar with both languages, and as such, they help rather than instruct.

3. Dr. Lin向研究會主動提議,所有來自研究會之聲明或規定,由Dr. Lin所代為發布者,都將中英文並陳,以利研究會即時評估訊息的正確性,也方便學員們有疑問時可直接向研究會進行確認。確保所發布之訊息忠實正確。

Dr. Lin has taken the initiative to propose to Kenkyukai that any official announcement or regulation, issued by Dr. Lin on behalf of Kenkyukai, will be presented in both Chinese and English for Kenkyukai to verify in time and for the participants to confirm with Kenyukai directly if they have any concern. The above measure is taken to ensure the accuracy and correctness of all official announcements.

4. Dr. Lin 將完整公告所需之學費,不代收課程費用。學費請在京都自行直接繳交予研究會。

Dr. Lin will publicly announce information on seminar fee in full details. Fees will not be collected by Dr. Lin, but directly paid by participants to Kenkyukai when in Kyoto.


This kind of seminar is not meant for any specific teacher. Any teacher’s class, with a student number too great to fit in any regular/planned seminars, can be arranged as a group seminar after applying to Kenkyukai. This is a gesture of goodwill from teachers in Kenkyukai. There have also been teachers in other Asian countries who have led students to participate in this kind of group seminars.


All Jikiden Reiki teachers, including new teachers trained in this seminar, are much welcome to contact and communicate with Kenkyukai directly.

7.山口老師對於各語系及各個文化背景的學習者們 皆一視同仁,教導具一致性的完整內容。或許每次的課堂內容略有細微不同,這僅僅是由於學生的提問不同,並非出自特別的偏好或考量。

Tadao Yamaguchi Sensei treats learners of different languages and cultures equally and thus delivers the complete course content every time in a consistent manner. The content may slightly differ in each seminar due to various questions raised by participants, but not due to particular preferences or considerations by Tadao Sensei.


Please feel free to contact Kenkyukai directly if you have any question or concern about the principles and explanations above.

感謝直傳靈氣 Pamela Chiu 老師 英譯
感謝直傳靈氣 Joan Hsu同學 中英校對

Special thanks to:
Jikiden Reiki Shinhankaku Pamela Chiu in English translation
Jikiden Reiki student Joan Hsu in Chinese and English editing